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“Towards the Norwegian Sea”

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Antioch Spring 2019 Review.jpg

Praise for the story, "Towards the Norwegian Sea" - published in The Antioch Review - Spring 2018
"Lust was certainly a prominent, driving thread in this story; with such dire consequences, Pilkington shines a light on the darker side of attraction."

- New Pages, Literary Magazine Reviews

Maureen Pilkington captures the betrayals of love, the disappointments of family, and the loss of faith. In language reminiscent of Joy Williams that is precise as darts, Pilkington nails her characters in their infidelities and deceptions.  


- Marry Morris, Nothing to Declare

Pilkington's prose sings and dazzles...she has a way with voice...poignant but also a sheer lesson in poise. Pilkington is that rare author who can pull off such a difficult balancing act.

- Nathan Leslie, Author of seven story collections and the The Tale of Tommy Twice.

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